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Square² Pouch by Slimy Oddity

Square² Pouch by Slimy Oddity

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1 pouch/1 artist/4 Leporello strips

Since March 2021, Kiblind has made a habit of challenging an illustrator every month on Instagram, through an original format called “SQUARE ²”.
The challenge ahead? Make 4 strips according to the following golden rule: a square in the center of the first image/4 boxes/4 sides/a variation in 4 colors.

After being published on Instagram, season 1 of SQUARE ² is now available in 16 covers, each containing the 4 Leporello strips of the 16 artists who participated in the challenge.

- Leporello size: 16 x 16 cm, open 64 x 16 cm
- Leporello paper: Fedrigoni Arena Natural Bulk 140g
- Pouch size: 16.2 x 16.2 x 1 cm, open 57.4 x 22.2 cm
- Pouch paper: Fedrigoni Arena Natural Rough 300g
- Printing: Cyan + Black + 2 Pantone fluo

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