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Meegan Lim

Red Pocket Recipes

Red Pocket Recipes

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One Sheet Zine, Red/Yellow/Blue Risograph

A collection of my Mom’s famous recipes illustrated and shared with you! Not the easiest process to write them, because like most pro home cooks, my mom does everything with “Agak Agak” which means to estimate/eyeball in Malay). Cooking should be fun and if anything, you are welcome to alter the recipes to taste and add things in to make them your own. She said to just check Youtube if all else fails!

It features 3 ingredient breakdowns of Malaysian classics and 7 recipes from pineapple cookies to satay! The original print run came with a handmade red envelope.

Whip up some of these Chinese-Malaysian classics and share them with friends and family - and tag me in your creations using the hashtag #redpocketrecipes!

Happy cooking!

Printed by Quentin Mitchell, Vide Press.

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