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13th Press

Random Reading Envelope - The Marigold Tarot

Random Reading Envelope - The Marigold Tarot

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Who doesn't love a tarot reading? Each of these coin envelopes contain 3 randomly selected cards from The Marigold Tarot, originally a 78-card tarot deck rooted in life, death, and gold. The cards draw reference from anatomy, nature, and distinctly Punjabi imagery, and features illustrations by Amrit Brar. 

  • Black coin envelope with gold foil stamping
  • Minor Arcana pip cards
  • Fully illustrated court cards
  • Fully illustrated Major Arcana
  • 310GSM German black-core, linen finish playing card stock
  • Standard tarot card size at 2.75"x4.75" 

The Minor Arcana suits are as follows:

  • Wands (represented by flowers/plants and their stems)
  • Swords (represented by swords and daggers)
  • Cups (represented by skulls as vessels)
  • Rings (otherwise known as pentacles/discs, represented by rings and human hands for cards 1-10)
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