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Vegan Jamaican Recipes to Repeat

Denai Moore

Plentiful is a Jamaican cookbook with a vegan twist.

In this first-of-its-kind book, Denai Moore pays homage to flavours and authentic dishes from her Jamaican roots whilst firmly planting them within a modern-day context. From her convenient Rice & Peas Arancini to her comforting 'Oxtail' Gravy & Roasted Garlic Spring Onion Mash, the recipes are approachable, engaging and downright delicious.

Jamaican food is often misrepresented, simplifed and reduced to being really spicy - and MEAT heavy. Denai is a Jamaican chef who loves to make vegan food and in Plentiful she debunks this taboo about Jamaican food. With this book, she shows how exciting, diverse, and vibrant vegan flavours and Jamaican food truly are.
An incredibly exciting, fresh modern twist on authentic flavours I love with bold clever and creative plays on veg! A book you need in your kitchen to show you how wonderfully delicious plants are with true homage to Jamaica." - Rachel Ama, author of One Pot Three Ways

"Dee fantastically fuses her Jamaican heritage into a glorious array of inventive, novel ideas. A treat!" - Riaz Phillips, author of West Winds "Delicious, fresh and full of heart. This is a cookbook that I know I'll return to time and time again when in need of a little piece of home." - Liv Little, author of Rosewater and founder of gal-dem "

Denai Moore is an acclaimed British-Jamaican musician turned chef. She spontaneously started a pop-up called 'Dee's Table' in 2017 after an inspiring trip back to Jamaica to bring her vision of modern Jamaican Vegan Food to life. The concepts of Denai's dishes stems from nostalgia of the food she grew up eating in Jamaica, paying tribute to national Landmarks like Devon House in her famous Rum and Raisin Bao Ice Cream Sandwich. She communicates these deep embedded memories on every dish she serves. Embracing the balancing act of fusion food and using fresh British produce, Denai showcases her authentic view of Jamaican flavours. Recently mentored by James Cochran (Great British Menu Finalist & Restaurant Owner of 12:51) Dee's Table has received a lot of praise from The Metro, Vice, Dojo, as well as featuring on Jamie Oliver's television series VEG, that was premiered worldwide. Plentiful takes on a lot of these memories and explores recipes that Denai eats at home, either for herself or makes for other people. It speaks to a modern home cook who explores different recipes and flavors. As a recipe developer, Denai has written for the Guardian, Leon in their Happy Fast Food Cookbook, held cooking demonstrations on TimeOut and worked with various household brands such as Tropical Sun creating innovative twists on traditional Jamaican ingredients.

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