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Feels Zine

FEELS Zine #6: Calm

FEELS Zine #6: Calm

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What does it mean to feel calm? 

Lately everything seems rushed, full, and in constant movement. How can we find moments of stillness? In Issue 06, we delve into the sensations and experiences connected to a most tranquil feeling: the journey to find it, our efforts to hold on to it, and our paths to peace. Moving beyond mantras and slogans, we explore the struggles that hold us back, the insecurities that creep in, and how we find a place of calmness inside ourselves.

This issue comes with a special art card.

Lindsay Rosset, Anastasia Barbuzzi, Deedee Morris, Rebecca Leach, Sarah Kraftchuk, Mariel Kelly, Lauren Pinnington, Emily Hines, David Rodriguez, Priyanka Saju, Nailah King, Daisy Gamble, Sara Nason, Julie Černá, Jocelyn Murphy, Jason Anderson, Maia Boakye, David Carey, Katelyn O’Brien, Pamela Trinh, Jackie Mlotek, Alex Shendelman, Kaiya Cade, Dr. R Cassandra Lord, Kristen Zimmer, Shelby McLeod, Markie Keddy, Harry Crown, Vanessa Santos, The Fandangoe Kid, Sarah Leonard, Trisha Abraham, Stephanie Chinn.

Lindsay Rosset

• 56 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• two colour risograph print
• saddle-stitch binding

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