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Feels Zine

FEELS Zine #21: Sad

FEELS Zine #21: Sad

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Ranging from ‘the blues’ to ‘despair’, the way we conceptualize feeling sad is broad and ill-defined—yet, we always know it when we feel it. What is coming up for us when we feel sadness? How do we react and respond? How do we cope with it? In Issue 21, we explore a feeling that meets at contradictions—simple, yet complex; easy to identify, yet hard to live with.

The breakdown of a marriage. The uncertain future of a home country. Trying, but not succeeding, to let the tears flow. The frustration of unshakable loneliness. Asking Google. Kid drawings. Interview with Megan Yuri Young on sadness in community and Bithiah Holton on the birthday blues. Read all of these stories and more in the pages of this issue.


Cherry Adam, Jen Backman, Alex Bauman, Hannah Browne, Mikaela Cacho, Wandy Cheng, Mica C-J, Emily Coppella, Stefan Chua, Gart Darley, Jacqueline Dawe, Ross Deeley, Eudaimonia 23, Bithiah Holton, Julia Friesen, geegeecomics, Talicha J., Tatiana Khalyako, Elisa Lobo, Deanna MacDonald, Emma Moon, Steffi (Sin Tung) Ng, Janet Rose Nguyen, Meghan Phillips, Maria Pianelli, Andi Raquel, Casper Slack, Theo Sterling, Sarah Vardy, Meghan Yuri Young + some sweet kids!

• 60 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• three colour risograph print
• saddle-stitch binding

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