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Feels Zine

FEELS Zine #20: Acceptance

FEELS Zine #20: Acceptance

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There is peace and calm in letting go and allowing ourselves to sink into a place of embracing things as they are. Acceptance can be hard-won, as we learn to accept ourselves, our surroundings, and the things we cannot change. How does it feel to reach a place of apathy, acknowledgement, or contentment? How does this impact our perspective? Issue 20 explores how we get to a place of peace, the journey to get there, and how the experience reflects inward.

Coming to terms with one's identity, a family supporting each other after a medical diagnosis, beauty in simplicity, losing a pet, a woman reflects on her grandmother’s life, celebrating what we have. Interviews with Pam Rocker on queer faith and Ansley Simpson on navigating sobriety in the music industry. Read all of these stories and more in this issue.


Juliana Brudny, Sameer Cash, Mia Carnevale, Alanna Cartier, Jonathan “JCC” Chan-Choong, Wandy Cheng, Oliver Cusimano, Gart Darley, Rhiannon Davis, Efehan Elbi, Daniella English, Caitlin Farrugia, Tanya Fenkell, Ghislaine & Lando Fremaux-Valdez, Theo Houghtaling, Monika Mann, Radha Nayar, Abby Nowakowski, Martyn Obbard, Kiera Obbard, ORZANA (Alexandra Orzan), Sharon Pink, Kes Posgate, Gabriel Powery, Jessie Reis-Huggins, Pam Rocker, Karen Sadler, Erica Lee Schlaikjer, Ansley Simpson, Andra Smalenic, Angus Tarnawsky, cait thomson, Patrick Wright, K Zimmer + many anonymous contributors.

Cover illustration by Mitchell Keys.

• 60 pages
• 7.5" wide by 9.5" tall
• three colour risograph print
• saddle-stitch binding

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