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Jonathan Rotsztain

Self Loving Jew Needs Love Zine

Self Loving Jew Needs Love Zine

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Visual Esays by Jonathan Rotsztain. 2nd edition. 

Self-Loving Jew is a multifaceted, years-long art project about reclaiming the self-hating Jew trope and celebrating secular, cultural Jewish identity.

Self-Loving Jew began as a series of visual essays defining a secular, cultural Jewish identity. Reclaiming the term self-hating Jew, these autobiographical comics address the shift away from traditional Jewish institutions by contemporary Jewish youth.

Guilt-free, the essays are an attempt to articulate the ambivalence some Jewish Millennials and Generation Zers may feel about religious Judaism, identity and assimilation. It embraces forging personal beliefs and practices that honour the Jewish legacy, adapting them alongside other value considerations.


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