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Stephanie Cheng

Newfoundland & Labrador Screen Print

Newfoundland & Labrador Screen Print

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Travel Newfoundland and Labrador poster was inspired by Iceberg Alley - a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean that goes from the Arctic to Newfoundland.
I was particularly fascinated in the tale of two bergs grounded off Fort Amherst in St. John’s. In 1996 local photographer Don Lane captured this frosty giant meandering past the Canadian historic site and 20 years later photographer Shawn Hudson captured a similarly shot. The resemblance is uncanny, Icebergs retracing their ancestors steps!
Inspired by mid-century vintage travel poster advertisements - this poster is an original illustration screen printed by hand by the artist.

Size: 16”x20
Three colour screen print
Paper: 100# natural smooth cover stock

Due to the nature of the hand printed process, prints may vary slightly in colours and have small imperfections. These variations are what make each individual print unique.

By Stephanie Cheng

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