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Gay Crush Can Holographic Sticker

Gay Crush Can Holographic Sticker

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 POV: You invite your crush to a picnic in Trinity Bellwoods Park. Dogs are running around you in circles as you set up your locally-made hand woven blanket. Your crush arrives, they are absolutely glowing in the afternoon sunlight and your heart skips several beats. Butterflies beat against your ribcage when their knee grazes your leg as they sit next to you. They've brought your three favourite kinds of cheeses (is this a sign?) for the potluck style charcuterie board you've planned. You both reach for the grapes at the same time and electricity shoots through your hands (you've seen Heartstopper right, it's like that). You spend the afternoon exchanging furtive glances from beneath your bangs. It's absolutely magical. 

You get home later that night and it's only when you lie in bed and stare at the ceiling that you realize you don't even know if it was a date. 


2" x 4" wide vinyl sticker. 

Made in Montreal by Lovestruck Prints

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