Venus Screen Print

by Secret Planet Print Shop


Named after the Roman goddess of love, come discover why Venus has earned its namesake as the romantic getaway of the galaxy.  As gassy as the giants, but without the crushing gravity, there's lots to explore in Venus' upper atmosphere where new developments dot the skyscape. Save on space-fuel and bring the whole family or just that special someone.  

Visit Venus on the Inter-Planet Transit Commission!


Here at the Secret Planet Print Shop, we use screen printing to bring our galactic illustrations to paper. The process employs ink passing through a silk mesh screen, except in areas blocked by a light-hardened polymer coating. Wherever the ink contacts the paper, the image is laid one colour at a time. Due to the nature of hand printed products, these prints may have small imperfections or variations in colour. That's just the beauty of handmade products!

This 3 colour screen print was designed and printed by hand in our Toronto studio. 

The print measures approximately 12"x16" on 100 lb white cover stock.

This listing is for the print only and does not include a frame.